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Physalis is a Belgian brand marketing natural food supplements and aromatherapy products.

Health and well-being

Physalis was founded out of a passion for and a strong belief in what nature has to offer us. We are convinced that nature can improve our quality of life. With this in mind, it is the mission of Physalis to enhance the well-being of its consumers with specific, natural and scientifically substantiated dietary supplements and aromatherapy. People who are healthy and free from medical complaints feel better in themselves and have more energy. What's more, they show it.

Physalis offers natural solutions that will help us now and as we get older to avoid many minor ailments. Amongst other things, dietary supplements and aromatherapy are excellent aids to help you sleep better; to combat stress and tiredness; to relieve joint pain; to strengthen your resistance; to assist your digestion; and to ensure a correct hormonal balance.

Quality and effectiveness

As in other sectors, time has not stood still in the food supplement sector. Advances are being made all the time. Phytotherapy (herbal therapy) can no longer be compared with the classic home remedies of yesteryear. On the contrary, phytotherapy is now based on safe and scientifically tested ingredients of proven efficiency. These ingredients are found in Physalis products ranging from plant extracts to essential oil, but also in supplements to boost your intake of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. To make good its claims, Physalis selects only the very best ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by respected scientific studies. In addition, Physalis only makes use of (phyto)nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body and have no side effects. The Physalis range includes simple, complex and innovative products. Each one is perfectly balanced, ideally dosed and prepared in keeping with the latest scientific insights.

"Physalis stands for health, quality and sustainability"

Sustainability and transparency

Physalis seeks continually to make products that are 100% natural. This is a fundamental principle that is very important to us. Physalis products contain no artificial colorants, preservatives, flavourings, lactose, yeast or gluten. Moreover, these products are minimally processed and their packaging has a simplified list of ingredients that mentions every component clearly, completely and unambiguously.

As a result, all Physalis products are clean label products. In addition, they are also organic (wherever possible) and of the very highest quality. This is confirmed by the various quality labels that Physalis has been granted. If you would like to know more, click here. Our engagement to sustainability is evident not only in our products, but also in our methods of working and even in our company premises. We invest heavily to make our ecological footprint as small as possible.

By providing detailed information on our packaging, Physalis hopes to keep it consumers as well informed as possible, whilst at the same time underlining our commitment to transparency at all levels of our operations. With Physalis, customers know exactly what they are buying.


Our belief in the importance of quality and safety is clearly demonstrated by the awarding to Physalis of the ISO 22000 and IFS (International Featured Standard) food safety certificates, as well as by the numerous analyses that the company commissions from independent laboratories.


Learn more about Physalis?

Physalis is a Belgian brand, but has already grown to become an important player in the European market and even beyond. Physalis products can be purchased in more than 20 countries, including Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, The United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Chile.

These products are divided into two main categories or product lines: Physalis food supplements and Physalis aromatherapy. Physalis offers a wide range of health supplements: from Ashwaganda to Zinc Forte, and from tablets and capsules to plant drops, herbal synergies and infusions. Physalis aromatherapy products include a wide selection of single essential oils, pure vegetable (skin) oils and floral waters, as well as ready-to-use synergies, massage oils and innovative products in the form of roll-ons and sprays.

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