Natural detox cure with herbal infusions

Our body has an ingenious system for removing waste products. The liver and kidneys filter these products from the blood, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, following which they are ejected via the urine or defecation. There are, however, times when we ask too much of this system, so that our natural balance is disturbed. We feel listless and tired, look pale and are affected by mental dips and repeated colds. When this happens, it is high time to lend the liver a helping hand, by taking a purification cure.

Purification cure with herbal infusions from Physalis
Purification cure with herbal infusions from Physalis

The liver: the focal point of the body’s purification system

The liver is the organ that detoxifies our blood on a daily basis and ensures that our body is put under minimal stress. Weighing one and a half kilograms, it is the body’s second largest organ and also the most versatile.

A good functioning liver is of great importance for the optimal functioning of the body as a whole.

When is it time for a detox cure?

There are various symptoms which can indicate that our body needs a thorough purification cure. This is often the case just before spring or autumn, when the seasons are changing and nature undergoes a metamorphosis. Typically, we feel overtired and less energetic than normal, because the body is working extra-hard to process and remove the accumulation of waste products.

In addition, we are also more quickly troubled by inflammations, skin rashes and other similar conditions. Some plants are used for centuries because of their ability to have a positive influence on the liver, kidneys and digestive system. These plants, if combined with an adjustment to a number of our eating habits, stimulate and support our natural detoxification processes, helping to keep both body and mind in balance.

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Which herbs are suitable for a detox cure?

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Five herbal infusions from Physalis that are suitable for a detox cure

Stinging nettles

Stinging nettles help to detoxify the entire body, both internally and externally. They not only have a purifying effect, but also an alkalizing effect (good for a proper acid-base balance), as well as cleansing the blood and eliminating accumulations of fluid. This means that stinging nettles are ideal for helping to remove waste products from the body, thereby assisting the treatment of various liver, bladder and spleen problems.

Birch leaves and golden rod

Birch leaves and golden rod both have diuretic (= fluid eliminating) properties, which increase the removal of waste products and excess fluids via the urine.

Dandelion roots

Inulin and chlorogenic acid, both of which are present in dandelion roots, have a liver-protective effect. In addition, chlorogenic acid further maintains the liver in good condition by reducing the accumulation of fats. Dandelion roots also improve general liver and digestive function, thanks to their ability to stimulate the production of gall.

Protective anti-oxidants

Having sufficient anti-oxidants is essential for the health of every cell in your body. Although the production of free radicals is a natural part of the daily functioning of the body’s metabolism, too many free radicals in combination with too few anti-oxidants can have disastrous consequences.

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Antioxidants in the lever

Anti-oxidants are found in numerous plants and protect liver cells against harmful free radicals, which occur frequently in this vital organ. Most anti-oxidants achieve this protective effect by reacting with the free radicals, so that they are rendered harmless. Certain components in, for example, green tee (primarily polyphenols) are powerful anti-oxidants. In addition, these polyphenols also stimulate the body’s own production of anti-oxidants.

Losing weight with green tea

Another highly beneficial property of green tea is its ability to enhance fat-combustion. As a result, it is often recommended for inclusion in slimming cures or as an aid for keeping your weight under control. The catechins present in green tea reduce the absorption of fat in the intestines. At the same time, green tea also promotes heat production (thermogenesis) in the body, resulting in an increased energy release and the further stimulation of fat-combustion. Last but not least, green tea also contains theine (or tea caffeine). This has an invigorating impact on the nervous system, which – in combination with the catechins – leads to an even better thermogenic effect.

Herbal infusions are a simple yet delicious aid for any detox cure. They offer numerous health benefits and are an ideal way to create your own little moment of pampering, during or at the end of the day.

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