How do you choose your collagen peptides?

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The popularity of collagen supplements has grown exponentially in recent years. They are valued everywhere for their remarkable ability to improve skin quality and strengthen joints. With the growing number of people who are discovering the advantages of collagen peptides, the question inevitably arises: which source of collagen is best? From fish, cattle or pigs? In this blog, we will look in depth at the different types of collagen peptide and the factors than can help you to make a well-considered choice.

Marine collagen peptides: the best choice!

For various reasons:

  • Marine products are acceptable to all religions and cultures.
  • Animal welfare is a matter of increasing importance.
  • No risk of mammal-related illnesses.
  • Marine collagen is the best choice from the perspectives of sustainability and food safety.

Physalis uses Naticol® marine collagen

Naticol® has important bioactive advantages in comparison with other forms of collagen.

Naticol® is more than a source of collagen: it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of the most important mechanisms involved in skin ageing, wound healing, digestive complaints, muscle loss and joint problems.

  • Naticol® has better anti-inflammatory properties than collagen peptides derived from cattle.

In an in vitro study immune cells were stimulated with both Naticol® and bovine collagen peptides. These cells were activated by an inflammatory stimulus and the resultant production of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mediators was measured and assessed. The results of Naticol® are displayed below. The cells that were stimulated with Naticol® displayed fewer pro-inflammatory mediators (graphic 1) and more anti-inflammatory mediators (graphics 2 and 3).

  • Naticol® ensures better wound healing in comparison with bovine collagen peptides.

Using an experimental model to test wound healing, it was shown that the ingestion of Naticol® led to an improvement of 80% in wound closure after just one week in comparison with the ingestion of bovine collagen peptides. The underlying mechanism of this effect is a reduction of inflammation at the location of the wound.

Physalis products with marine collagen peptides

Do you prefer to take collagen in the form of a handy tablet? Or would you rather have a powder (packed in a stick) that you can mix with your favourite drink? Or is a ready-made collagen drink more your thing, like an instant coffee that is enriched with the perfect amount of collagen and MCT? You can discover all the Physalis collagen products here.

Friends of the sea (FOS)

Friends of the sea (FOS): a trendsetting certification norm for products and services related to the marine environment.

The sustainability of our Physalis products with marine collagen has been confirmed by the award of the FOS logo. This label can only be used on products and services that respect the marine environment. In this way, fish populations are properly protected and fish reserves for the future are maintained. FOS is a project of the World Sustainability Organization, an international NGO whose mission is to promote environmental conservation.

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