Ricinus face oil for problem skin

The cold winter days are on their way again. And that is something that your skin really feels. It gets dry, can split and your face becomes taut when walking in the wind. A soothing and hydrating oil can work wonders. Did you know that ricinus oil is the ideal oil for the job? Read on, if you want to discover how this oil can help you.

Is ricinus oil a miracle in a bottle?

Ricinus oil is extracted from the beans of the ricinus tree, also known as the 'miracle tree'. The tree first originated in Africa, but is now found in tropical regions all around the world. The oil is often referred to as castor oil or miracle oil. And rightly so! Its many different properties mean that it can be used for many different reasons. In particular, ricinus oil contains various unsaturated fats, including ricinoleic acid and linoleic acid. In addition, the oil has a high viscosity (= thickness), which makes it an ideal lubricant for keeping skin supple.

How to use your ricinus oil

Ricinus oil is a highly versatile oil and can be used in different ways for different purposes:

  • As a body oil, to nourish and soften dry skin;
  • As a massage oil, to keep skin supple;
  • As a face oil, to hydrate sensitive skin and combat impurities;
  • As a hair oil, to nourish dry hair.

Recipe for a face oil for problem skin

Per 10 ml of ricinus oil: lavandin super essential oil - 2 drops palmarosa essential oil - 1 drop
Per 10 ml of ricinus oil:
lavandin super essential oil - 2 drops
palmarosa essential oil - 1 drop


How to make the face oil

Mix all the ingredients together and massage the face gently with the resulting oil. You will immediately experience a hydrating feeling.

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