Clean label: 100% natural and transparent

As a consumer, you want to be 100% certain about the composition of the products you are using. What exactly does it contain and are all the ingredients natural and good for your body? These are valid questions, but it is often difficult to find the answers you need on the packaging. That is why Physalis has invested in a 'clean label' status. But what is that precisely? And what efforts do we make to keep the promises we give to our customers? You can find out by reading this blog.

The clean label on Physalis packaging
The clean label on Physalis packaging

What is a clean label?

With a clean label Physalis guarantees that:

  • its products are completely free of all artificial colorants, preservatives and flavourings;
  • its products are minimally processed;
  • its products are provided with a simplified ingredients list, with the clear, complete and unambiguous identification of every substance contained in the product in question.

Why does Physalis opt for clean labels?

The answer is simple: because top quality and the natural origin of our products are our number one priority. That has always been the case and will remain so in the future. Think, for example, of the exclusive composition of our products, based on standardised plant extracts, high quality vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential oils and other innovative active ingredients.

However, with the clean label we are taking things another step further. More than ever before, we want to put you, our customers, at your ease. With this in mind, we will now provide you with a list of ingredients that is concise, easy to understand and transparent

and we will continue to do so in the years ahead. Physalis regularly monitors the latest scientific insights and, with a view to future product development, is constantly on the look-out for the very best new or improved natural ingredients. This also applies to secondary ingredients, such as anti-caking agents, fillers, colorants, gelling agents and emulsifiers.

You can also find these labels on Physalis packaging

The clean label in practice: simplicity and transparency


Bamboo powder as a 100% natural anti-caking agent

Why use silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent if nature offers you a perfect alternative? Scientific research has shown that bamboo powder has precisely the same effect. It is comprised of 75% natural silica. Like silicon dioxide, it forms a thin layer around the particles of the product mix. As a result, both substances are suitable for use as an anti-caking agent. But bamboo powder also has other benefits that make it superior. For example, the nutritional fibres in bamboo have a scientifically substantiated positive effect.* At the same time, bamboo also plays a role in the manufacture of connective tissue and supports optimal collagen synthesis in the skin and joints. What more could you want!

*Nirmala C, Bisht MS. Bamboo: a prospective ingredient for functional food and nutraceuticals. 2015

clean supplements
Physalis supplements with a clean label

A transparent and natural coating

It is not just the contents of our tablets that are 100% natural. The coating is as well! That is the outer layer around the tablet, which makes it easier to swallow, masks the flavour, and protects the active ingredients from the effects of air and moisture. Usually, these coatings contain mineral colorants. So how has Physalis been able to avoid this? By working with a transparent coating based on cellulose derivatives and glycerol. Result: our tablets have the colour of the mix of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals in the active core. There is just one exception, where we use a white coating based on calcium carbonate.

In short: what you see is what you get. Literally and figuratively. A simple list with recognisable ingredients, whose origins are also specified.

All our products carry a clean label. They contain no artificial substances and have been minimally processed. Read everything you want to know about the clean label.

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